Automating interactions with WhatsApp Chatbots

A WhatsApp chatbot provides customers with a real-time automated conversational experience directly on the messaging app, using WhatsApp Business API integration.

As of today, WhatsApp supports more than 2 billion users around the world which is significantly more than any other messaging app on the market. Truth be told, the promising WhatsApp statistics have been hard to ignore even before the messaging app opened for business. WhatsApp Chatbots are becoming more popular with businesses who want a simple way to improve their customer service and offer a well-rounded customer experience, without increasing their headcount.

WhatsApp Chatbots deliver round-the-clock support and handle large volume of routine queries, for a theoretically unlimited number of customers. With this technology, support agents will also be freed up to focus on the more complex queries and have their morale improved by not having to deal with repetitive questions.

The major advantages of a WhatsApp chatbot include:

  • Being able to communicate with the customer base promptly and asynchronously (at a time most convenient to the customer);
  • Interacting with customers  on the messaging app that they’re already using to stay in touch with family and friends
  • Delivering a personalized experience with every interaction thanks to accurate user history and data collection.

So how to build a chatbot that is engaging with its text and rich media content and bound to qualify your leads? Chatbots are marketing and customer support tools; hence, conversations on chatbots need to be strategic. You have to ensure a conversational outcome that will enhance your customer support and sales in the near run, and our chatbot builder facilitates just that.

E Ocean Digital Connect enables you to build and deploy a chatbot from scratch or numerous templates that you can use (customize) for different business scenarios.

With Digital Connect Chatbot Builder you can build a bot with no coding skills. It can provide round the clock support to your customers, giving your agents more time to work on difficult cases.

With our visual drag and drop editor, It is super easy to build, test and deploy your WhatsApp chatbot in a few minutes. Check out the video below.

NOTE: This tutorial explains how to create a rule-based WhatsApp chatbot using a decision-tree-like structure powered by rich messages