At times, your customers would escalate the conversation from a chatbot to a human agent in case of complex queries. Within Digital Connect (chat manager) all such incoming conversations are left unassigned for your team to triage.

In There are two ways in which a conversation can be assigned to an agent:

  • Manual assignment from the New inbox view. Any agent can assign a conversation to themselves or a team supervisor can also assign the conversation to an agent.
  • Auto-assignment by enabling the auto-assign feature within Digital Connect.

Manually assign a conversation

In case of an agent, You can manually assign a conversation to yourself from the New inbox view.

  • Click on Chat manager to view all unassigned conversations coming in from different channels inside the  New inbox view.
  • Select the  conversation and then navigate to the upper right and click on the Assign to me button to assign the conversation to yourself.

    agent conversation

Once assigned, the conversation will be transferred from New inbox view to Assigned inbox view for you to start conversation with the customer.

Team Supervisor can also assign a conversation to an agent following the same steps, however when logged in from a team supervisor account, all unassigned conversations will be visible in All (Active) inbox view.

Automatically assign conversations

Only users with administrator role can enable auto-assignment feature.

To be able to manage significant volumes of chat, it is possible to activate the automatic assignment of conversations (one each, also known as round robin assignment) to the team members within your account.

You can enable auto-assign feature for incoming conversations by applying the following steps.

  • Click on Settings>Preferences and enable auto-assign feature
    auto assign conversation
  • All your incoming conversations will now be automatically assigned to your team members based on their availability.

The agent's status is a helpful way to show your entire team whether you are free to take a conversation.

By default, Digital Connect includes the following statuses.

  • Available: You are logged in and available  to take new conversations.
  • Busy: You have more than one conversation in progress
  • Away:  You are away from your computer and cant be assigned new conversations but other agents and team supervisor can send you private notes and forward conversations.
  • Unavailable: You are not logged in and unable to receive any conversations.

Manually Changing your availability status

Keep in mind that you’re setting a status for yourself as an agent and not for all agents.

You can change your agent status by clicking on the icon at top right corner next to notifications icon.

agent status

When your status changes to unavailable, your team members logged  in to Digital Connect will not be able to tag you in private notes.

Private notes are helpful for agents/supervisors to collaborate with teammates to help resolve customer issues faster. Private Notes also support ‘Mentions', which allow you to tag a specific agent who can contribute to a quicker issue resolution.

How to write a private note

  •  Go to the Chat Manager and click on a conversation to open it.
  • In the reply window, click on the Private Note icon on left side.

private note1

  • You will see a yellow message box, type the note and click the Send button to post the note.

    private notes yellow

    Every time you post a private note, your team will receive a notification informing them that you need their help to resolve a customer issue.

Mentioning in the private notes

Private notes can be used to mention particular agents who can contribute to a quicker ticket resolution.

To mention the agent in the private note:

  • you can  simply type ‘@’ before the name of the agent in the yellow message box as shown below. Next,  you’ll see a list with active agents including the team they are assigned to choose from.

Choose an agent and write the private note message. Then click the Send button.


Every time you post a private note using @, the mentioned agent will receive a notification informing them that you need their help to resolve a customer issue.
The mentioned agent can go to the notifications icon on top right next to Available toggle button and click on it see a list of private notes. Agent can then click on a particular note and will be automatically routed to the relevant conversation for collaboration.

All the conversations in which you are mentioned (using private notes) are listed in Mentioned inbox for a quick view as show below

mentioned inbox

All customer conversations are segmented in different inbox views within Chat Manager. These views group conversations by status which are either auto-assigned or manually assigned by agents to manage conversations effectively.

conversation status

Status Definition Example
 All (Active)  indicates all conversations not yet assigned
to  any agent.
  • New incoming support request from customer
 Assigned  indicates conversation has been assigned to
an agent and is in progress
  • Agent providing active support to resolve customer issue
indicates agent is waiting for more information from customer or investigation from internal business team to help resolve the issue
  • Customer did not provide enough information to resolve the issue
  • Information required from back office team to resolve the issue requires more time
indicates a conversation containing harmful or abusive words or not relevant to the business can be marked as 'Spam' by the agent.
  • Customer is abusive or repeatedly initiating conversation not relevant to the business
indicates an agent has resolved the issue and closed the conversation
  • Issues where customer has accepted the solution
With our Expired conversations view, we're focusing on providing you with better visibility and monitoring of incoming conversations which have a time out rule for agent/supervisor replies depending on the social messaging channel.

When time out is reached for an incoming conversation via WhatsApp channel (24-hour session limit) it will be automatically moved to the Expired inbox.

  • Agent did not respond to the incoming conversation and more than 24 hours have passed since the last message from the customer
  • Agent/Supervisor has not marked the conversation pendingspam or closed before it expired
indicates a conversation where customer exits the conversation without getting a response from the agent.
  • Customer may opt for "talk to agent" mid-way into a bot conversation and then due to change of mind or delay in response from an agent decide to exit the conversation
indicates a conversation in which you have been tagged by another agent or a supervisor in a private note to seek assistance to  resolve an issue
  • Agent may require  particular information to resolve a customer issue which resides with another agent or a team.