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eGnet Wireless Internet

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eGnet Wireless Internet Service

Etisalcom’s Broadband service over LTE offers you unlimited download with a super-fast internet speed. You can be connected anywhere from home and everywhere.

Etisalcom offers unlimited download at different attractive speeds to match your needs for web browsing, gaming and media box at the best quality. You can now connect with stability, reliability with high security.

Choice of speeds – the service provides a choice of speeds for high-speed internet access starting from 2Mbps up to 40Mbps.

A wide range of cost-effective plans to choose from – Monthly fee ranges from as low as BD 10

Get your free gift with a one-year term subscription for Etisalcom LTE internet.

You can now book your free trial account from Etisalcom by calling Etisalcom contact center at 1330 1330. You can also visit our main office from Sunday to Thursday, 8 am to 5 pm.

Our Packages

  • Unlimited Download internet connection.
  • High-speed and uninterrupted internet connection
  • Reliable connectivity with stable bandwidth
  • Choice of speeds – the service provides choice of speeds for high-speed internet access starting from 2Mbps upto 40Mbps.
  • Proven technology – Etisalcom’s expertise in high-speed data networking along with the acquired high-level of technological know-how allows us to provide services with the highest levels of satisfaction.
  • Wide range of cost-effective plans to choose from – Monthly fee ranges from as low as BD 10
  • Price above will be be subject to VAT

You can apply or upgrade your eGnet account through one of the following:

You can apply for the eGnet service by providing the following:

  • Etisalcom application form
  • Copy of the CPR/CR
  1. Pay online @ www.etisalcom.com
  2. Etisalcom Call Center on 13301330
  3. Etisalcom Main Office
  4. Pay through Sadad kiosks

The maximum speed could vary due to the:

  • Number of subscribers online at the same time
  • Number of people accessing the same websites that you are. Once connected and stable, the access line speed and throughput can be affected by a number of factors:
  • Long or unprofessional extension internal telephone wiring
  • Set up and quality of hardware “Router & Filter”
  • Insufficient or incorrectly installed micro filters
  • Interference / noise
  • Interference from other devices in the home
  • The type of application being used
  • Internal shared services (multiple PC’s / Games consoles / IPTV)
  • External applications sharing your devices (peer to peer)
  • Viruses and Spyware and other installed software on the PC
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