Bulk SMS

As one of the nation’s leading bulk SMS providers, Etisalcom bulk SMS solutions are used to send high volumes of messages which enable you to connect, interact and transact with customers, suppliers, employees, business partners, and communities all over the globe. Etisalcom delivers short message services (SMS) through its own SMS Gateway to nearly every mobile phone user in the world.

Bulk SMS service is not limited to being a marketing tool but can support different sectors with a wide range of benefits, some of these sectors can be

Banking and Finance
Travel and Hospitality
Social Networking
And many more ….

These are messages which are sent to your customer to pass on information necessary for using your product or service.

Transactional SMS done by major heads in Bahrain, like the banks, hospitals, railways and airlines,
e-ticketing …. etc.

Also, these messages can be sent by schools and other educational institutes in order to convey important messages to parents without containing any promotional tone.

Service can be delivered through deferent protocols such as:

  • REST Web Service
  • Response in XML or Plain Text
  • XML-RPC Web Service`
  • SOAP Web Services
  • SMPP

Etisalcom would be able to develop and deliver the full application required to get you transactional SMS ready not limited to providing service only

With Etisalcom fully customizable and automated Two way SMS, you’ll never have to worry about backend logic.

You can Measure campaign effectiveness by analyzing delivery and customer response.

Collect messages with fully-featured Etisalcom SMS Portal, or via email, SMPP, HTTP push and pull. Filter, sort and group inbound messages to more efficiently manage multiple campaigns.

OTP is a technological mechanism through which a single-use password is generated and sent to the registered mobile number for the user to access the website.

It is also known as two-factor authentication. Products like internet banking portals often use the OTP mechanism to ensure the authenticity of the user and prevent identity thefts.

Etisalcom managed its SMS network to provide high priority to deliver the OTP messages with in the shorts time as all OTP got a short validity time.