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Now a day in this digital world, almost every organization is undergoing some form of digital transformation. Whether it is mobilizing the workforce, rewarding online customer experiences, or providing real-time access to medical records or financial statements, the role of IT as a business enabler has never been more critical. Cloud services play a critical role in helping organizations accomplish this transformation and for many enterprises, AWS infrastructure is of choice. Therefore, Etisalcom being a leading Amazon Web Services (AWS) Standard and Reseller Partner and looking at current digital transformation, Etisalcom also offers a number of Cloud services, especially AWS solutions and Consultancy services. Our Telecom background, make us stand out among other AWS Partners, as we fully understand the nature of every customer requirement.


Certified Engineers


Stay available and secure with 24×7 access to our expert cloud engineers.

Expert Operations


Best practice system to monitor, backup and secure your cloud.

Cost Assurance


Lower cloud TCO and optimize resources with expert support and tools.


We offer a complete range of professional cloud solutions for complex cloud architectures.



Cloud Migration with Confidence

Migrating your existing applications to the Cloud is a time-consuming and complex task if you don’t have the right tools at your disposal. With Etisalcom, you get the expertise of a team with extensive experience in managing migration projects for enterprises and start-ups. We’ll work with you at every stage of the migration process to ensure you get results that align with your infrastructure and business needs.



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AWS Solutions


We build self-healing, modular cloud infrastructure

Etisalcom gets it done for you

We automate and standardize the processes for infrastructure deployment where enterprises get faster innovation, better operational efficiency, improved deployment quality, and tangible returns on investment.

  • Strong Source Control and Elasticity in Cloud Computing, and automated monitoring.
  • Cohesive teams with shared objectives, that follow lean principles and continuous delivery of value.
  • Frequent testing that reduces the chance of failures and rollbacks, and enables us to QA our work regularly.
  • Fine-grained service architecture, and a fast mean-time to recovery.


Prepare thorough assessment & analysis report

Design & implement reference architecture


Deliver professional services and training

Design & implement reference architecture


Etisalcom is a leading AWS Standard Consu

lting and Resell

er Partner, and our Professional Engineers assist, small to large range businesses to migrate to AWS, offering solutions to maintain your operational scale whic

h you like, with the options of elasticity, high availability and disaster recovery.


Etisalcom has the skills and tracks record of integrating solutions while delivering and implementing a host of applications. This gives a natural advantage to the company to lead in AWS in this transformation times.



Etisalcom has made heavy investments in setting up Etisalcom Cloud Datacenter in its premises. We believe in internal enablement of its resources and services before selling the same to our customers. We build the infrastructure, test it for various solutions and applications and then deploy it for our customers.

AWS Solutions



Cloud Migration & Strategy

Cloud adoption is a tremendous technical and operational challenge for most organizations. Based on our experience from successful cloud projects, Etisalcom can help you confront the unknowns and accelerate IT transformation.

We conduct an in-depth assessment of your current systems and help you plan for migration to AWS cloud. At the end of this process, you receive the keys to a fully-configured, automated cloud environment that is ready to receive your application.

  • Cloud Assessment and Gap Analysis
  • Architecture Design
  • Cloud Build-Out and Configuration
  • Data Migration

Cloud Solution Services

Our Cloud services support the end-to-end cloud adoption journey, namely:

  • Cloud Consult involves defining the right cloud strategies including cloud assessments, platform selection, security and cloud operating models.
  • Cloud Migrate involves designing and bringing up the cloud environment as well as executing the most appropriate cloud migration (re-host, re-platform, re-engineer). We also cover greenfield cloud-native application engineering and development.
  • Cloud Operate involves providing AI-led, integrated full stack management of workloads, running on hybrid cloud environments.


Etisalcom has built and delivered several solutions in collaboration with AWS.



Cloud Migration

Migrate apps to the cloud for improved reliability, scalability and costs optimization, from simple lift-and-shift to fully converting single-tenant, on-prem apps to multi-tenant, public cloud.



Technical Support & Monitoring

Our Certified AWS Engineers take care of day-to-day IT operations for your cloud environment, partnering with your in-house engineers as an extension of your IT team.


  • 24x7x365 Network Operations Center
  • 100% Uptime SLAs
  • Incident Response
  • Proactive Monitoring and Escalation
  • OS Maintenance and Patching



Database Management

Our database experts can migrate your databases and then take responsibility for managing your cluster in the Cloud. Our DBA team provides full-time equivalent service to support database clustering and replication, extending our 100% SLA to your database platform.

  • Platform Migration and Consolidation
  • Cluster Design
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Disaster Recovery and Backup
  • 100% Database SLA



Cost Optimization

We help customers keep cloud costs under control with monitoring and data-driven management, then reduce costs with alternative AWS instance types and advanced automation.

  • Capacity Planning and Instance Right-Sizing
  • Cost Monitoring and Analytics
  • Automation for Cost-Effective Scalability
  • Reserved Instance Purchasing



Deep Knowledge of major AWS services to customize solutions and excellent delivery services can only be achieved by Etisalcom expertise.


AWS Solutions


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AWS Solutions

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AWS Solutions

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