Car Parking Management Systems


Etisalcom provide an advanced Car Parking Systems which helps our clients in securely managing access to their parking venues. Such as airports, smart cities, shopping malls, municipality public parking lots, multi-level car parks, residential/ commercial buildings, hotels, exhibitions & convention centers, public transport, theme and amusement parks etc.

Some examples of the technologies include:

  • Parking Management System – PMS
    – Ticket Based,
    – Token Based
    – Ticketless PMS
    – Wireless parking management Systems (*for customized applications)
  • Parking Guidance System – PGS
    – Ultra sound based PGS
    – Camera based way finding PGS
  • Gate Barrier System
    – Heavy-duty high-speed gate barriers
    – Gate barriers for Residential & commercial use
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition Systems (ANPR / LPR – SIRA Approved)
  • Access Control Solutions
    – Short range RFID
    – Long range RFID
    – ANPR /LPR /LPN based access control
  • Under the vehicle scanning (UVSS)
    – Area scan UVSS
    – Video based UVSS
  • Car Space Protectors
  • Parking System Accessories such as loop detectors, photocells, remote controls, blinkers.

Plate recognition and access control with RFID.

The solution offers your customers convenience of parking whilst providing better impression of your services that will lead into increased capacity utilization, customer loyalty and ultimately increased revenues.