Smart Solution


Smart systems are the ones that make human life more and more Easier & convenient.It has a huge impact as technology gets updated day by day and influences everyone’s life.

Smart systems are being adopted by each and every aspect of the business.

Home Automation System is one of those aspects which have completely adopted Smart Systems.

Artificial Intelligence have boosted the Automation systems making it way smarter than it was before

A smart home is a convenient home setup that incorporates advanced automation systems.

A smart home has its devices interconnected, and the user can control functions within his home through a smart device such as tablet, phone and control function such as temperature, lighting and home theater etc.

The user has the option to remotely control his home through the internet.

Smart homes are the basis of Smart Cities, where our home, the one place where we and our family spend most of our time, interacts with us and gives us the comfort of control and safety, Below are some samples of how smart homes could help us live better

  • Smart control of cooling/heating mechanisms.
  • Smart locking & unlocking of our doors.
  • Smart control for lights and mood lighting.
  • Smart Control your Audio/Video systems across the house.
  • Smart Monitoring your home and.
  • Smart door sensor
  • Smart temperature sensor
  • Smart smoke sensor
  • Smart flood sensor
  • Notifies you when a sensor senses something
  • Notifies you if a door is opened and when
  • Remote answering
  • Video messages
  • Home Camera Integration
  • Common area camera integration
  • Pics capturing and saving