International Connectivity

International MPLS technology provides a managed point-to-point connectivity solution.


This managed service employs fiber-optic cabling to provide end-to-end private circuits between two international destinations, with a single point of contact to facilitate the ordering, provisioning, and management of the service. It simplifies network operations significantly and is based on industry-wide standards.
Etisalcom International MPLS enables Label Switched Routers to assign a “label” to incoming packets based on their Class of Service (CoS) specification. Your network can run voice communications, video applications, and IT applications separately, creating a faster and smoother pathway and simplifying traffic flow.
You can access the intranet, extranet, and Internet applications over one connection. As your VPN is totally separate from other VPNs, your network enjoys an optimal level of security. Our network-based IP-VPN Service is centrally managed and user-friendly and can help you save time and money.
Etisalcom IPLC provides a dedicated end-to-end link of a defined bandwidth that’s always on and charged at a flat rate for unlimited usage. The IPLC runs from Bahrain to any international location. IPLCs are offered with a range of speeds to suit your requirements and are managed by Etisalcom through a Management Center.
Depending on the destination and the media available, cable links are used to provide a permanent end-to-end connection that can handle data, voice, video, facsimile, or a combination of these data formats. The service supports a wide range of speeds from 256 Kbps to 2Mbps (the speed can range up to DS-3 or STM-1 based on demand).