National Connectivity

Etisalcom National Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), based IP-VPN is the complete IP network for all your voice data and multimedia applications.


MPLS based IP-Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to build a network that acts like an extension of your private corporate network, but runs on Etisalcom’s shared network infrastructure.
MPLS based IP-VPN will interconnect your various sites and remote workers to create a single company-wide communications network. This network will carry your voice, data and multimedia applications. Network traffic can be classified into different Classes-of-Service (CoS), each with its own level of priority. This allows the network to distinguish between delay sensitive traffic such as voice, video, voice over IP and multimedia applications. As well as non-delay sensitive data, such as email and web browsing.
Etisalcom point-to-point microwave is a wireless dedicated secure point-to-point connection. Etisalcom has the right solution in place for frequencies over Free band and over licensed frequency.
Our wireless transport solution for private networks enables efficient, self-contained networking, without relying on leased circuits or fiber and without spending huge amounts on recurring operational costs.
Our microwave radios support voice, video, and high-speed native Ethernet data for any size business agency or organization.
Also is one very cost-effective service to build a similar network topology as MPLS using the Broadband network infrastructure for Enterprise users how has multi branches and want to connect them with the features below:
  • No contention ratio (Shared Bandwidth) is applied on the network which is been applied on the broadband.
  • No public access to eliminate unsecured access or hacking issues.
  • No threshold (Download Limit) as it can affect the data traffic between the branches and the H.Q.
  • Less network management as Etisalcom will handle all the routing setup rather than the customer should invest for the VPN hardware and managing the full network.