Service Messages

Following services are available from ETISALCOM for Etisl Users by sending SMS to 13301330 from your mobile.

To transfer balance from one Etisl number to another, send:

To BAR all international calls, send:
Only international calls will be Barred, you can still enjoy national calls.

To add PIN to international outgoing calls, send:
You will be asked to enter PIN on dialing international calls. PIN would not be required for national calls.

To UN-BAR both complete and PIN based Barring, send:
You can use this SMS to UN-BAR international calls or to remove international dialing PIN.

To check your Etisl number balance, send:

To subscribe your Etisl number for mobile dialer, send:

Fajr Wakeup Call

Etisalcom offers Fajr Wakeup Call as a free of charge community service. This service will allow mobile users to register for a Wakeup Call for the Fajr prayer at any time between 20 minutes before and 20 minutes after the Fajr Athan. You are not necessary to be an Etisalcom customer to benefit from this service. To avail the service, send SMS to 13303257 from your mobile in the following formats.

To activate, send:
FWC on {b/a} {0/5/10/15/20}

Where ‘b’ is to wakeup before and ‘a’ is to wakeup after selected minutes of Fajr Athan. The available time groups are 5, 10, 15 and 20 minutes before or after Fajar Athan. To receive wakeup call exactly at Fajr Athan time, put 0 or leave it blank. For example:
FWC on b 5 means your will receive wakeup call 5 minutes before Fajr Athan.
FWC on b 5 means your will receive wakeup call 5 minutes after Fajr Athan.
FWC on means you will receive wakeup call at the time of Fajr Athan.

Please note that you have to subscribe at least 3 hours prior to Fajar Athan time to receive wakeup call for the next Fajr.
To de-activate, send:
FWC off

Opt Out From Promotion Messages

If you do not want to receive promotion messages on your Etisl number then send SMS to 13301330 in following format:

From Etisl Number: OPT OUT
From Mobile: OPT OUT Etisl-No