Saeed Khalid

Mr. Saeed Khalid has been recently appointed as the Technical Manager having over 15 years experience in the IT industry. In his last job prior joining Etisalcom in 2007, Mr. Khalid was holding the post of a General Manager in Gerrys Information Technology, Pakistan offering ISP services, DSL broadband, e-Commerce solutions, Internet via satellite, and Fax over IP solutions. Mr. Khalid was gradguated in Commerce from Karachi University, Pakistan and obtained a CCNA certificate in 2003.

He was hired by Etisalcom to establish ETS ISP network. After establishment of ISP network ETS introduced Data, Internet and VPN services for Bahrain Market. He also took major role in the establishment of SIP services in ETS. His brief achievements in Etisalcom are as follows:

  • Took a leading design role in deployment of a Class 4/Class 5 carrier grade NGN for wholesale traffic exchange and SIP based fixed line services. Multi vendor components included Xener soft switch, Nuera Media GW, XIP (IP Centrex) PSTN trunks, POI
  • Designed Core Network Architecture for Etisalcom.
  • Designed and implemented of ISP services.
  • Launched SIP Services on NGN.
  • Implementation of ICT services in Bahrain World Trade Centre