Bulk Voice Calling

Bulk Voice Calling is the broadcasting of pre-recorded voice messages to many telephone numbers simultaneously or sequentially.


It is a voice or IVR version of SMS ( Short Message Service) broadcasting which is now a day’s widely used for various purposes. Bulk voice call is also known as call blast, voice broadcasting, Automated Voice Campaigns, Voice, SMS, etc.

Bulk Voice call is essentially an outbound IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
A system with one specific function, that is to dial telephone numbers from a database or a list, and play a pre-defined programmed recorded audio file and play it when the called party picks the call. It also has to keep a record of all success calls (outbound calls that were picked by the called party and heard the recorded voice message) or abandoned calls that were not picked by the called party.

Bulk Voice Calling Service For Mass Numbers

  • Promotion and advertising
  • Polling Systems
  • Alert System/Reminder system
  • Automatic registration welcome and verification of phone number
  • Payment reminder,
  • Appointment reminder
  • and many more ……

Bulk Voice Calling Service For Mass Numbers

  • Cost-saving as the user will not need more call center staff to do this job.
  • Accuracy and proper reporting system as no human mistakes.
  • The pre-recorded audio files will be repeated on all recipients with no difference between them.
  • The recipient may reject the call in case no time to answer or is busy.
  • The recipient will receive the call number of the user who wants to run this campaign.
  • And many more ….