Bulk Voice Calling Service For Mass Numbers

CallBot is a Mobile App that can be downloaded from the Apple Store for iOS devices or the Google Play Store for Android-compatible devices.

The App allows the user to generate bulk calls to a group of contacts prepared by the user. Bulk calls are automatically generated on behalf of the user to the selected numbers to deliver the user’s prerecorded voice message.

  • The CallBot App has the following features:
    • Login/Create an account using mobile authentication One Time Password (OTP). Authentication for Caller ID
    • Authentication by call as well as SMS in case of business user want to define a company land line and it can be only after defining the mobile number to be secured from misuse.
    • Ability to create a group of contact numbers
    • Option to record Audio file or upload Audio File and store in a personal Library
    • The App is capable to generate campaign report after every campaign finished as part of Usage history report
    • Fare calculator for campaigns and available Minutes are calculated based on Balance
    • Payment integration with Etisalcom’s Online Payment Gateway for top-up using Debit Cards, Credit Cards and PayPal
    • Managing the Scheduler
    • Can Define Allowed period for call, Day/Night etc.
    • Retry Option, if failed or not answered
    • Push notifications on available balance and expiry

The user shall be able to use the APP for the following events and more:

  • Announce the birth of your child
  • Share your children’s voices with loved ones
  • Send out Emergency messages
  • Pass along time sensitive business deals or sales
  • Schedule meetings
  • Share holiday plans and greetings
  • Send voice birthday invitations
  • Manage your volunteers
  • Notify employees
  • Send out important group reminders
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Broadcast a voice message for promotion or election purposes.

Etisalcom's CallBot Mobile App is currently available in both Android and IOS versions. The App is Free to download, however, you need to obtain credit to start using the App to generate bulk calls.