eFax Email

Etisalcom offers an efax service that will allow you to send and receive faxes electronically by email. eFax allows you to:

Send and receive faxes confidentially anywhere in the world using the same number by using your email from your PC, laptop, or any portable device access faxes anywhere you have internet access with no fax machine required Store fax documents directly on your desktop reducing paper waste and cost,No more misrouted faxes or the countless trip to the fax machine

  • Eco-Friendly – Reduces the waste of paper
  • A convenient way to send, receive and manage faxes
  • Cost-effective
  • Ability to make calls from efax
  • Archive faxes digitally
Package Credit Balance Service Expiry
BD 20 BD 1.100 1 YEAR
  • 10% VAT : Not included

Top-up your account via:

  • Pay online @ www.etisalcom.com
  • Pay by credit card calling 13301330
  • Pay by cash by visiting Etisalcom main office
  • Pay through Sadad kiosks

Renew Your Account Via:

    • Renew online @ www.etisalcom.com
    • Pay for renewal by credit card calling 13301330
    • Pay for renewal by cash by visiting Etisalcom main office
    • Pay for renewal through Sadad kiosks
  • in “To:” field, write the fax number you want to send to
  • in “Subject:” field, write your fax number
  • in “A_ached:” field, add your fax pages as PDF file
  • Leave your email paragraph area empty
  • click send to send your fax