ePBX-Premise-based IP PBX


Etisalcom Call Recording System Premise-based IP PBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch eXchange) systems have been blazing their way through the technology industry, impressing many during the way with its ability to change the entire voice communication infrastructure of businesses no matter the size. Despite costing a lot less than its predecessors it has proven to perform at just as good a level if not better.

Most impressive feature of the IP PBX systems is how they can help businesses big or small and at a very affordable price. The product includes many new features and capabilities that aren’t all readily available in many of the competitions products.


A PBX (or Private Branch eXchange) is basically a switchboard that automatically changes between telephone systems. If you can think back and remember the handheld operators with wiring plugs about a half-century ago, you can get a better grasp on what the PBX system does. It basically takes the place of the aforementioned operator and does so without sacrificing production or emptying the company wallet.

With ePBX, you get all Digital and IP Based Futures with call recording, belling, hotel solutions … etc. in one box

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