Terms & Conditions

By subscribing to Etisalcom eFiber[Etisalcom Broadband Internet Service over FIBER] (the “Services”) you acknowledge that you (The
“Subscriber”) accept these terms and conditions. Etisalcom may revise the terms from time to time by posting a new version on the
Etisalcom web site. Etisalcom will give you an advance notice period before any contractual changes and Etisalcom will also allow the
subscriber to withdraw from the service contract without any early termination charges upon thirty (30) days from the date of receipt of
such notice. Questions regarding these Terms and Conditions should be directed to info@etisalcom.com.
-You are required to have in place an appropriate Access Line (Fiber Infrastructure Availability and Customer Equipment of the Required
Specification) to facilitate and establish a physical connection to allow you to access the Services. You understand that if you do not have
these facilities in place Etisalcom cannot provide the Services to you.
-The following items will be assigned to you once your application for the Services has been accepted by us and you can request Etisalcom
support center at any time to get any information related to your service:
(1) a User Identification; and
(2) a Password.
-Broadband is for use strictly within the same Customer address premises mentioned in the original Broadband Application Form only, and
shall not be used for any network environments beyond Customer address premises.
-Etisalcom will provide you with a regular Bill detailing (1) the Charges applying at the time the Services are used and (2) the total amount
due to Etisalcom for the provision of the Services in the period to which the Bill relates. You agree that you will pay these charges to
Etisalcom promptly and in any event by the payment date printed on the Bill. If that payment becomes overdue, Etisalcom may suspend or
terminate the Services.
Customer's Responsibility
-You will be solely responsible for all access to, and use of, the Services provided to you, whether or not you use Services which require a
User Identification and/or a Password. If you allow a third party to access the Services, you will remain liable for all activities conducted by
such third party, including but not limited to use of the Internet, your Etisalcom E-mail Account, other e-mail service or any other usage
-You must only contact Etisalcom in respect of your Etisalcom Broadband Service. However if, for whatever reason, you contact any other
provider regarding your Internet Access Service you should be aware that you may be charged a service fee by such other provider either
directly or via Etisalcom. Etisalcom reserves the right to pass on to you at cost, any charges which we incur as a result of your contact with
any other providers.
-You are liable for all charges associated with the Service, even in the event your password has been lost or stolen, or if it appears your
Service has been used without your authority (including by hacking), or if it appears your Service has been accessed fraudulently.
-You are legally responsible for and must pay the cost of all telecommunications and Internet access charges incurred when accessing or
using the Service, including any dial-up connection charges or charges by any content provider. It is your responsibility to check with your
service provider that the dial-up number you are using to access the Service is a local number; regardless of any information you may
receive from our representatives.
-You are also liable and obliged to pay the outstanding dues even if the services are terminated (see clause “Termination” below).
-Etisalcom shall preserve the confidentiality of the proprietary information of the subscriber. Etisalcom will prohibit improper access to
and/or of the confidential information of the subscriber and refrain from disclosing such information without the subscriber’s prior written
consent, unless otherwise required by law.
-If you experience any difficulties with your connection it is your responsibility to advise our Help Desk on 13301330 or send your email to
Etisalcom may terminate the Services provided to you in any of the following events:
(1) You have not paid your monthly Etisalcom bill after (giving you thirty (30) calendar days prior written notice).
(2) You become insolvent or bankrupt or otherwise deemed unable to pay your debts as and when they fall due.
(3) Your application for service is found to be inaccurate or false complete information as required at the time of application for the
(4) If you violate the Terms & Conditions for internet usage as stipulated in Kingdom of Bahrain's laws and regulations .
The Customer may terminate the service following the below:
(1) By filling and signing the form with termination option and submitting the original copy of the form to Etisalcom or to be submitted
from the authorised subscriber email address defined in Etisalcom system.
(2) The Service is based on one year contract unless otherwise stated in agreed proposal, agreement or customer selected any
promotional offer. Etisalcom will ensure that the stated terms of termination will be valid for fixed duration of (12) months from the
service activation date.
(3) The customer should pay the outstanding amount till the termination date or the end of the contract date within one week from the
date of receiving Etisalcom final bill
Service reactivation:
In case of all above cleared, Etisalcom can return the service with in 7 working days
Service Restore after fault reported
The maximum service restore time will be within next working day from the time reported to one of Etisalcom support
channels and upon the fault type.
Service Support and Etisalcom Contact Center (24 / 7)
Contact Center : +97313301330
Support E-mail:
Kindly refer to Cod of Practice for customer's complaints and resolution available online through
Payment methods:
(1) Etisalcom Main office at Alezz Bldg. (2) Etisalcom website (3) Sadad Kiosks (4) Bank Transfer