Users and Teams

Teams are a great way for agents to work together in Digital Connect. Agents can be assigned to a particular team based on their expertise for a timely and effective resolution of customer queries.

Login to Digital Connect as an administrator or a team supervisor.

Click on Teams > Add Team.


Enter the name for your team under Team Name and then select Team Supervisor from drop-down list under Team Supervisor  and finally click on icon (>>)  to add Agents or (<<) to remove  Agents from the new team and click Submit to complete the process.

add team

After you have successfully created a team and assigned agents to the team, list of teams with details will show up as below.


It is recommended to create agents and team supervisors before creating teams to ensure a quicker team configuration.

Business can delete users created within Digital Connect from time to time to mostly free up an agent seat.

Keep in mind, that only admins and team supervisors can delete users.

To delete a user account, simply apply the following steps.

Click on Users in left navigation paneYou will see a list of all Users, or alternatively you can also search for users by their name and other filters provided on top.

edit users-1

Click on Delete (red) icon and a delete confirmation modal will appear. Click Confirm to delete the user.

delete modal

All data including conversations assigned or handled by the deleted agent or team supervisor will remain available within Digital Connect as per the data retention period of your plan. However, all assigned conversations which have not been marked closed by the agent will automatically become unassigned.


This feature is very helpful in case if your user role has changed or agents are unavailable for certain reasons to assist your customer. You can deactivate the agent and assign the agent license to another agent in your team.

Keep in mind, that only admins and team supervisors can edit/deactivate users.

To deactivate/edit a user, click on Users in left navigation paneYou will see a list of all Users as shown below.

edit users-1

Click on Edit (green) icon and Edit User modal will appear. Edit Mobile number and User role and select status as Active or Inactive from drop down list and click Save.

edit user modal


Agents are assigned conversations and interact with customers as needed to resolve support issues. Team Supervisors can perform all agent-related activities, access reports, and make sure that the team is working smoothly.

To add a new chat agent or team supervisor, click on Users in left navigation pane and then click on Create User. 


Fill in the agent's or team supervisor's name, email address, role ( each user role has different permissions in Digital Connect) , and mobile number and click Submit.

Add User Modal

Your agent or supervisor will receive an invitation email which will include login credentials to access Digital Connect.


Only Admin can create agents and team supervisors. Please ensure you have licenses available in your plan before creating agents and team supervisors. Your total purchased and remaining user licenses will be visible at the time of creating agent or supervisor account.


There are five types of Digital Connect users. Each type of user has different permissions. Agent and Team supervisor is a paid role in Digital Connect which requires a license seat.


The administrator is the user who created your organization’s Digital Connect account. Administrator is the only person with access to the entire Digital Connect dashboard. The administrator can also act as an ‘agent’, working on and resolving conversations.

The administrator has access to:

  • Insights
  • Platform Settings
  • Chat Manager
  • Chatbot Manager
  • Chatbot Builder
  • Campaign Manager
  • Contacts
  • Billing
  • What's New

The administrator can perform several unique actions:

  • Configure platform preferences
  • Configure Setting such as WhatsApp profile, business hours, and more.
  • Install channels
  • Remove channels
  • View and download reports

The administrator can also:

  • Create users and teams
  • Assign and remove agents from teams
  • Delete users and teams
  • View all conversations
  • Work on and resolve conversations as an 'agent'
  • Manage campaigns
  • Create and delete templates
  • Build, edit and delete chat-bots
  • Create, edit and delete contacts
  • Download Contacts list
  • create and edit tags and quick replies

Digital Connect allows you to create up-to 2 administrators without utilizing agent license seats available in your plan.

Team Supervisor

Team Supervisor is a paid role within Digital Connect. You will need to purchase an agent license seat in your subscription plan to create a team supervisor. Team Supervisors can monitor their agent's conversations, assist agents during a conversation and view insights on agent's conversation sessions to ensure that they provide best possible customer support.

The team supervisor has access to:

  • Insights
  • Platform Settings
  • Chat Manager
  • What's New

The team supervisor can perform several unique actions:

  • Create users and teams
  • Assign and remove agents from teams
  • View all conversations
  • work on and resolve conversations as an 'agent'
  • Assist agents using private notes to resolve conversations
  • Create, edit and delete tags and quick replies
  • View insights such as conversations, voice of customer and agent performance
  • View and download reports


There can be multiple agents in Digital Connect. The main responsibility of an agent is to resolve incoming conversations from customers  conversations, so they don’t have to access to the settings or insights that administrators and team supervisors do. You will need to purchase an agent license seat in your subscription plan to create an agent.

The agent has access to:

  • My Profile
  • Insights
  • Chat Manager
  • What's New

The agent can:

  • Work and resolve conversations
  • Search and view assigned conversations
  • Upload profile picture
  • View own conversation insights

Chat-bot User

The chatbot user is a non-paid role within Digital Connect. The chatbot user can monitor conversations taking place between your chatbot (virtual agents) and customers and can also view  insights related to bot conversations.

The chatbot user has access to:

  • Chatbot Manager
  • Insights (Bot conversations)

The chatbot user can:

  • View  chatbot conversations
  • View bot conversation insights
  • download reports

WABA Manager

The WABA Manager is a non-paid limited role within Digital Connect. The WABA Manager role is created for a business who has only subscribed to WhatsApp Business API for sending template (transactional) notifications to customers.

The WABA Manager has access to:

  • Profile Settings
  • Insights (Overview)
  • Billing
  • What's New

The WABA Manager can:

  • View bot conversations
  • Edit Profile settings (WhatsApp Business Profile)
  • View Insights (Overview)
  • download reports

In certain cases, you will need to reshuffle agents from one team to another team due to multiple factors.

In order to remove an agent from a team, simply apply the following steps.

Click on Teams in left navigation menu and then navigate to Edit (green) icon under Action.


 Remove  agents listed under Remove assigned agents by selecting agent name in the list box and then clicking on (>>)  to move agent name to list box on the bottom rightClick Save to complete the process.

remove agents

You can add the agent again by cl

You can also add previously removed agents by selecting agent names in the list box on the bottom right and then clicking on (<<)  to move agents back to the list box on the bottom leftClick Save to complete the process.