Getting Started

The Chat Widget on your website enables your visitors to communicate with your business in real-time. It usually pops-up in the bottom right corner of a web page and prompts visitors to chat with a bot or an agent on WhatsApp and other messengers.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install chat widget on your website.

Step 1:  Chat Widget Settings

Here's  how you can customize the chat widget as per your requirements and generate the widget code. You can then add the widget code to Google tag manager (recommended) or to your website code.

Step 2:  Install a Chat Widget using Google Tag Manager

  • Login to Google Tag Manager and Navigate to Tags > Add A New Tag


  • Select Custom HTML as your tag type.

  • Paste in the code snippet  you have copied after creating it from Step 1 above.

  • Click Choose a trigger and select all pages

  • Name and save your tag. You're all done!

In case you don't have Google Tag Manager already installed then install Google Tag Manager to apply the code.

Alternative Option: Embed the code snippet on your website:

  • Go to the main page of your website and open its HTML code.
  • Paste the full  code snippet as the last line before the closing </body> tag.

  • Repeat the process on each page you want the chat widget to appear.
  • Deploy your changes. The Chat Widget is now live on your website.


In Digital Connect, you can set up an auto responder to reply to incoming conversations from customers outside your organization's business hours

There are two types of out of office replies:

  • Weekdays replies send responses to customers outside your business hours
  • Weekend replies send responses to customers on weekends (see setup opening hours)

To setup weekdays out of office reply:

  • Click on Settings > Out of office and then click on weekdays tab
  • Click on WhatsApp icon  and configure the Outside Business Hours Message in the text box below and click save

    weekday message auto

To setup weekend out of office reply:

  • Click on Settings > Out of office and then click on weekend tab
  • Click on WhatsApp icon  and configure the Weekend Message in the text box below and click save

    weekend auto message

Opening hours define the hours when your support team is available to serve customers. By defining your opening hours, you can setup automated messages to be sent to customers when customers interact through a channel outside your business hours

  • Click on Settings > Opening hours and select either All days or Per day.
  • Define your opening hours and click save

Once you have setup your opening hours, you can now setup automated response to be sent to customers when they contact your agents via WhatsApp outside the business hours.


Digital Connect preferences allow you to configure default platform settings to help accomplish desired functionality. It is important to review all of the options available and apply configurations that meet your business needs.

Only Administrators  can access and setup Platform Preferences


You can configure your Platform Preferences by applying the following steps:

  • Login to your Digital Connect account and click on Settings > Preferences

Setup your Timezone

In the Time Zone section, you can set a default time zone for your account using the drop down menu.


Enable Security

Typically, logging into Digital Connect requires just your username and password. With two-factor authentication (2FA) turned on, logging in requires verification using a code sent on your mobile phone or email address. Because logging in with 2FA requires an additional layer of security , the risk of a potential intruder gaining access to your account is much lower. In the Security section, you can enable two-factor authentication for your user accounts. 

Once enabled, your users will receive a one-time code on their registered mobile phone number and/or registered email address  to log in to their accounts.

  • You can enable two-factor authentication by toggling the button towards right side.

  • It will prompt the modal window asking you to select the check boxes to receive code via SMS or Email
  • Select your options and click save changes

    Your users will now receive a unique code to login to their account as an added layer of security in addition to their account password.

It is recommended to enable  both SMS and Email verification to avoid the possibility of SMS OTP delivery failures


Auto-hide conversations

At times, due to compliance or security related requirements, you may be required to hide customer agent conversations  once conversation status is marked closed by your agents.

You can enable auto-hide conversations feature by toggling the button towards right and click save changes.

Once enabled all conversations marked closed by your agents will be automatically hidden within the customer conversation window.

Automatically assign conversations

This feature is very helpful in case of high volume of incoming conversations to assign them to your agents automatically using a round-robin mechanism.

  •  Toggle the  icon towards right and click on save changes and all your conversations will be automatically assigned to your agents

Email Conversation Transcript

This section allows you to configure authorized email addresses to receive a conversation transcript for each conversation once its closed by your agent.

Manually Email conversation transcript

You can allow your agents to manually email conversation transcripts on a case to case basis.

  • Toggle the top icon towards right and add email addresses of your authorized recipients in the provided section under Enter Email Addresses.
  • Click save changes
  • Click on chat manager in the left navigation menu and then select any conversation
  • Navigate to top right of the conversation window and click on Send Chat Transcript button to send email transcripts to  authorized email recipients

Automatically email conversation transcript

  • Toggle the bottom icon towards right  and Click save changes
    auto email1
    All your conversation transcripts will now be automatically emailed to your authorized email recipients once you agent marks the conversation as Closed.

You can setup your Business Profile within Digital Connect which will be visible to your customers within their WhatsApp application

To setup your Business Profile, simply follow these steps.

  •  Login to Digital Connect as an administrator.
  • Click on Profile Settings.
  • Add or Edit your business profile details such as Organization name, business email, business description etc.
  • Click Save to save your business profile.


    Your profile will now be visible to your customers within their WhatsApp application.