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Make phone calls with Microsoft Teams direct routing. , MS Teams Connecting the people around the Globe .

Direct calling is possible through our Microsoft Teams Direct Routing certified SBC. Etisalcom is a Microsoft Teams certified partner. We help you unify your business communications.

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What is Microsoft Teams direct routing?

Microsoft Teams direct routing provides a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) for Microsoft Teams users, It is useful to make and receive external phone calls through Microsoft Teams, If you need a business telephony solution, we give you the possibility to replace your current Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system, Microsoft Teams Direct Routing allows you to take advantage of full PBX voice calling features. This is extremely useful for both inbound and outbound communications.

How to use Microsoft phone system direct routing

Using Microsoft Teams as a phone system is actually quite easy. Read below to learn the steps:

As an organization, the first thing you need to do is introduce Microsoft Teams to communicate internally. The move would automatically bring great benefits to your activities.

Once your team is familiar with Microsoft Teams, you’ll need to make sure that your licenses allow Microsoft’s Audio Calls and Phone System. This has to be available for each user on your team.

Next, you’ll need an experienced and certified provider. This is where we help you.

Etisalcom is a certified SBC provider with a track record of successfully installing Microsoft Teams Direct Routing.

Direct Routing can be implemented with a PSTN Gateway through a Session Border Controller (SBC). It would then be configured between Etisalcom’s secure network and your business phone system.

All calls would go through the Microsoft Phone System once the configuration process is completed. Etisalcom provides you all the guidance to ensure a seamless setup process.

After configuring Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, we’ll help you transfer the existing DID numbers and keep your current phone numbers or add new ones.

Etisalcom will give you all the information needed to operate and test the system. Our team of experts will be available 24/7 to help you solve any issues during or after the transition process.

Microsoft Teams direct routing benefits

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing brings extremely useful benefits, including the following:

Customizable chat features

From display and notifications to group settings, you can customize the layout and make it easy to navigate.

Manage groups easily

Create teams, groups and channels with just a few clicks. Manage your communications and highlight the most relevant info.

Video conferences

Enjoy the highest quality video conferences anywhere, on any device, even on your traditional phone.

Team collaboration

Keep your team members updated in real-time and receive alerts about important messages.


Microsoft Teams is compatible with most Hardware and Software.


MS Teams delivers the same advanced security features built on the Microsoft 365 and Office 365 hyper-scale.

Teams direct routing FAQs

Once integrated into your organizational communications system, Microsoft Teams Direct Routing could replace traditional phone calls. Plus, it also provides other communication services like chat and video conferencing.

We allow a demo version that covers the majority of the features offered by the Microsoft Teams Direct Routing. In this version, users can familiarize themselves with the processes and then make a decision.

Our demo version would assist in finding solutions to your communication issues. Our experts lead you through the benefits of Direct Routing and then match you with the right resources.

Both small enterprises and big corporations can make use of Microsoft Teams Direct Routing. As long as there is a communication need, then there is a need for Direct Routing.

Yes, Microsoft Teams Direct Routing integrates a communication system that works on all internet-connected devices. It is possible to connect your mobile phones.

The various packages are different because of what they offer. The most comprehensive of the packages is the Ultimate plan. It has all the benefits of Microsoft Teams Direct Routing.

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